Academic Results

Academic Results

The Future begins today

The future begins here at the American School of Xalapa. Our graduates are accepted into prestigious national and international universities, often earning academic and sports scholarships due to their outstanding academic performance and participation in the various programs offered by the school. From TEDx to Model United Nations (MUN-X), to licensed Disney or Broadway musical productions, community service, and entrepreneurship programs, our students are immersed in educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom. These programs not only drive their academic growth but also cultivate leadership skills, a sense of agency, and strong values, preparing them to make a difference in their communities and the world.

Out Students

National and International Accreditations

We have obtained 13 National Accreditations and 3 International Accreditations resulting from our students’ participation in Expociencias events from 2017 to 2023.

Awards for Publications in Scientific Books

We have achieved three publications of our students’ science projects in scientific dissemination books published by Mexican universities: in 2019 in “Sanctuary of Knowledge,” in 2021 in “A Blossoming Desert of Consciousness,” and in 2022 in “The Northern Gateway of Knowledge.”

Literary Awards at Zone Level

Our elementary students have won various awards in literary competitions at the zone level: 2nd Place in the 2024 Oratory Contest, 1st Place in the 2023 Storytelling Contest, 2nd Place in the 2024 Storytelling Contest.


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