Marcela Aguilar Velázquez

“We are very grateful to the American School of Xalapa and to each and every one who forms part of the teaching, auxiliary, administrative, and management structure of the school. From the beloved Amalia who never forgot our son’s name (from first grade to the last day of high school) and always greeted and said goodbye to him with a smile, to every manager, assistant, and teacher who with all patience, love, discipline, guided and directed our son in every stage he experienced as part of the school. Starting, living, and transcending the pandemic was a huge challenge for all teenagers and their families, and the school not only taught online content but also provided a support system that helped make the confinement in our children less chaotic. Particularly, our son had enormous support from the school during the pandemic, making it an incubator for a small research project that resulted in work that served as a catalyst for his interests and led him to extraordinary experiences in an international forum. (London 2022).”